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Atlantic Brain and Spine is a trusted leader in comprehensive brain, spine and neurovascular care.

We’re not just a coordinated team of renowned physicians and clinicians. We’re your team, and we’re by your side every step of the way.

From imaging, diagnosis or a second opinion … to personalized treatment plans and the delivery of cutting-edge therapies … through recovery and monitoring, we make your journey seamless – so you can focus on your health.

Spine Care

We resolve back and neck pain using evidence-based care – including physical therapy, physiatry, pain management and, when necessary, minimally invasive or traditional surgery.

Brain Tumor Care

Our neurosurgeons lead a team of neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists and neuro-pathologists at Atlantic Health’s  Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center to treat brain tumors safely and effectively.

Neurovascular Care

We’re proud to pioneer the most innovative and effective treatments for strokes, brain aneurysms and other neurovascular conditions as we deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

Atlantic Brain and Spine in the News

We’re redefining the boundaries of what’s possible. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a team of dedicated experts, has led to groundbreaking discoveries and innovative techniques that are reshaping the future of neurological care.

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