Gerald J. Glasser Brain Tumor Center Joins National Quality Outcomes Registry

brain tumor center

At the Glasser Brain Tumor Center, we have always been focused on delivering care that provides the best long-term patient outcomes. We track these outcomes – as well as complication and readmission rates – as part of our own performance and quality improvement program. Through our partnership with Atlantic Brain and Spine, we are taking our efforts to a national level.

Now, we are one of the few centers in the country to participate in NeuroPoint Alliance’s pilot program. NeuroPoint Alliance is a nonprofit organization that transforms data into quality patient care through the collection, analysis and reporting of clinical data. Together with a small group of university practices, we track and pool outcomes-related data from brain tumor patients and develop data-driven treatment plans.

For our patients, this knowledge takes the treatment of brain tumors to the next level. For example, we can now begin to tailor a plan for a patient that has a brain tumor – as well as diabetes and high-blood pressure – all based on national outcomes.

To learn more about this, contact 973.993.7322.

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